This stellar and limited supply coffee comes to us from the famous Aceh coffee region in Sumatra. This cooperative has gone beyond the traditional processing methods typically used in Sumatra and has produced a high quality and incredibly rich, sugary, and deeply complex cup. This is a coffee you do not want to miss!


Med Roast


The Cup

Rich, cola, sugar, tomato, apple, cooked fruit, lemon.

Farm: Various Smallholders
Region: Pantan Musara, Pegasing, Takengon, Aceh

Variety: Gayo 1, Gayo 2, Catimor, Abyssinia

Altitude: 1550m
Process: Washed

Sumatra Pantan Musara Village

Grind Type
  • This coffee comes from a small mill in the Pegasing district of Takengon, in Sumatra's coffee-famous Aceh region. The mill serves several small coffee producers within the Pantan Musara villages; several years ago, these producers were dislocated from their homes and land because of a natural disaster, and they have rebuilt their lives and farms with a new focus on coffee. Unlike the vast majority of other Sumatran coffee receiving and processing centers, this mill is producing Washed coffees, as well as Naturals.

    Coffee is delivered to the mill by producers in the area, and for Washed coffees, only fresh red cherries can be purchased. The Washed coffees are fermented for 36 hours after being depulped, then washed four times to remove the mucilage. It's then spread into a drying house or on raised tables to dry for 14 days or so.

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