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*This item is only available for local pickup.


Now you can enjoy our fresh crafted Sundog Cold Brew at home, at the office, or wherever! This 1 quart bottle of concentrate will make 2 quarts or more of "ready to drink" cold brew. Simply add ice and enjoy! Or you can add 2-3oz of concentrate to your favorite milk for a satisfying iced latte.


  • Each 32 oz concentrate bottle makes 64 oz or more of cold brew. 
  • Recommended ratio is 1 bottle of concentrate to 1 bottle of filtered water. (Adjust to desired strength)
  • Cold-pressed from our Sundog Cold Brew blend, no dilution and no preservatives.
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Best to use within 2 weeks of opening


This fresh brewed cold brew must be refrigerated and is only available for local pickup. You can also order this item for pickup at the Falls Park Farmer's Market every Saturday morning throughout the season. 

Sundog Cold Brew Concentrate | 32oz Bottle