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The Cup

Sweet & creamy, earthy, cacao, herbal.


Med-Dark Roast



Organic Coffee

Sumatra Koprasi Kopi Toba Co-op Organic

  • The Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative is located in the Gayo Highlands, district of Takengon and Bener Meriah, Central Aceh, Sumatra. All of the farms that contribute to the cooperative produce 100% shade-grown coffee. The average farm size is about 1.2 hectares per member, and a large percentage of members are women: This inspired the cooperative to form a kind of "junior" group, an affiliated association of women members whose coffees are kept separate and sold as Ipak Bensu.

    Ketiara Cooperative was founded in 2008 by farmer and former coffee collector (or "broker") Ibu Ramhah, who is the manager and chairperson of the co-op and who has inspired many of the women to band together to market their coffee for a premium. In turn, the women hope to increase their family's access to education and health care and to invest in their farms to continue to thrive.

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