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One of our most popular blends and our signature cold brew blend. Smooth, deep chocolate and blueberry notes, floral aroma and great sweetness.


The Cup

Chocolate, caramel, sweet berries, floral. 


Origin: Guatemala, Ethiopia

Farm: Various small-holders

Variety: Caturra, Catuai Altitude: 1550 - 2000 masl

Proc. Method: Fully washed and sun dried at farm



Sundog Cold Brew Blend

Price Options
One-time purchase
Every 3 Weeks
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$13.29every 3 weeks until canceled
Every Month
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$13.29every month until canceled
Every 2 Months
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$13.29every 2 months until canceled
  • 12oz Sundog Cold Brew Instructions

    • Grind 12oz Sundog Cold Brew Blend to a course grind.
    • Pour the grounds into a 1 gallon glass jar.
    • Slowly pour 2 quarts cold water over the grounds making sure to evenly saturate all the grounds. Make sure there are no dry pockets.  Gently stir if necassary to insure all the grounds are wet.
    • Cover with lid and allow the coffee to steep for approximately 24 hours at room tempurature. Note time and date of brew start.
    • This will make a strong and flavorfull concentrate that can be used for iced lattes or dilute with 50% water for a delicious cold brew over ice.
  • Standard ground shipping on all orders. All coffee will be shipped next business day.

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